Except for an emergency, (a trip to the emergency room and/or hospital), your employer is to furnish you with medical, surgical and other treatment and hospital services that are necessary to cure and/or relieve you of the effects of an injury and to restore the functions of an injured part, member or organ of your body where such restoration is possible.  The employer, and more specifically, your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company, is responsible for and can control, authorize or de-authorize medical care for the injured worker.  The employer and/or the insurance carrier may use any number of methods to provide medical care including a primary physician and clinics and/or managed care organizations.  In order for you to receive medical treatment and to have your employer or your employer’s workers’ compensation carrier pay for your medical bills, you must go to the doctors authorized by your employer or your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company.

Can you see your own doctor my Workers’ Compensation Injury

The answer to this question is generally “NO”.  You may only see you own doctor if your employer or employer’s insurance company has notice of a particular doctor’s care and has authorized or approved this care. If you do not get approval to see a particular doctor you may have to pay for the medical bills yourself.  Therefore it’s always wise to get approval of the workers compensation insurance company and/or specifically your employer in writing or by email in a referral to a Doctor.

What happens if you get unpaid medical bills from my work injury

If the medical bills were for emergency care and/or were from an authorized treating doctors’ office, you should submit those bills directly to your employer or the workers compensation insurance carrier for payment.  Send the medical bills with a letter by mail or email BUT MAKE SURE YOU KEEP A COPY OF THE LETTER OR EMAIL AND THE MEDICAL BILLS FOR YOUR FILE. If the medical bills are still not paid by the workers compensation insurance company than a motion can be filed with the court on your behalf.

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